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Dispute Notification

In the event of a disagreement, either party must provide the other party with a Dispute Notification. This notification should be a written statement that includes the name, address, and contact details of the party issuing it, the factual basis of the dispute, and the requested resolution. You should transmit any Dispute Notification via email to: We will forward any Dispute Notification to you either by mail to your known address or to your email address. Both parties will strive to resolve the dispute through informal discussions within a span of sixty (60) days from the dispatch date of the Dispute Notification. If this period exceeds sixty (60) days, either party may initiate arbitration.

Typographical Errors

If a product and/or service is mistakenly listed at an inaccurate price or with incorrect information due to typographical errors, we retain the authority to decline or annul any orders placed for the product and/or service that was inaccurately priced. Whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card has been charged, we retain the prerogative to reject or cancel such an order. If your credit card has been charged for the purchase and your order is subsequently canceled, we will promptly initiate a credit to your credit card account or the relevant payment account for the corresponding charge amount.


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